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Who am I?

Willem Klopper

My name is Willem Klopper. Born in 1963, so now I’m 57 years old.
In daily life I’m a primary school teacher in Assendelft, Zaanstad. I’ve been doing that for 36 years now and still like it.

My biggest passion is photography. I’m not someone who focusses on one particular type of photography, but more of an allrounder. I’ve been the house-photographer of some venues for some years and so I’ve been photographing hundreds of concerts of very different bands and artists.

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But I also like to do weddingphotography, industrial photography and photoshoots.
Combining this with my fulltime job as a teacher is a real challenge!
I do have my photos on quite some  CD and DVD covers of different bands and I must say that I’m proud of that!

Animalphotography is also something I like to do. From the eye of an ant or small bug (macro) to photographing birds  from a shelter in the woods or even a zoo:  I love doing that and find it relaxing and hard at the same time.

I’ve got experience in making portraits and doing photoshoots and would like to improve that with my studio equipment.

Post-processing and editing photos is important to me. I’m not a ‘purist’ who thinks that what comes out of the camera doesn’t need editing, because it’s not ‘real’ anymore. What counts for me is the final result. That’s almost always better when post-processing has been done. But: not too much!

I hope you enjoy my photos on this site. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message through Facebook or by contacting me by the contact-form on this website. Enjoy!

Willem Klopper